10 Rogue
      1483: Anno Domini
      2400 A.D.

      A Tale in the Desert
      Aaron Hall's ....
      Abandoned Places 1
      Abandoned Places 2
      Advanced Xoru
      Aethra's Chronicles
      Ages of Athiria
      Al Quadim
      Aleshar: World of Ice
      Alien Logic
      Alternate Reality
      Amulet of Yendor
      Amulets & Armor
      Anarchy Online
      Ancient Dragon
      Ancient Evil
      Ancient Evil 2
      Ancient Land of Ys
      Ancients 1,2
      Another War
      Another War 2
      Anvil Of Dawn
      Arx Fatalis
      Arx Fatalis 2
      Asheron's Call
      Asheron's Call 2
      Astonia 3
      Astonishia Story
      Axe & Fang
      Avernum 1
      Avernum 2
      Avernum 3
      Azrael Tears

      Bad Blood
      Bahamut Lagoon
      Baldur's Gate 1
      Baldur's Gate 2
      Bard's Legacy
      Bard's Tale 1,2,3
      Battle Mages
      BattleTech 1
      Beneath Apple Manor
      Betrayal In Antara
      Betrayal At Krondor
      Black Dawn
      Black Crypt
      Blade & Sword
      Blade of Darkness
      Blade of Destiny
      Blades of Exile
      Blaze & Blade
      Blind Justice
      Blood Aria
      Bloody Magic
      Blue Dragon RPG
      Bonez Adventures
      Boundless Adv.
      Brány Skeldalu
      Breath of Fire
      Broken Land
      Buck Rogers 1
      Buck Rogers 2

      Cadaver 1,2
      Captive 1
      Captive 2
      Castle Of The Winds
      Celtic Tales
      Chaos Strikes Back
      Challenge Of 5 Realms
      Champions Of Dawn
      Champions Of Krynn
      Crusaders Of M&M
      Crystal Dragon
      Crystals Of Arborea
      Curse Of Azure Bonds
      Curse Of Catacombs

      Daemons Gate
      Dark Castle
      Dark Designs I
      Dark Designs II
      Dark Disciples
      Dark Heart Of Uukrul
      Dark Phear
      Dark Queen Of Krynn
      Dark Sun 1
      Dark Sun 2
      Death Knights Of Kryn
      Defender of Boston
      Der Seleentum
      Demon Stalkers
      Demon Tower
      Demon's Winter
      Descent To Under...
      Diablo 1
      Diablo 2
      Die Kathedrale
      Dink Smallwood
      Disciples Of Steel
      Diver Down
      Don't Go Alone
      Doomdark's Revenge
      Dragon Cave
      Dragon Wars
      Dragons Of Flame
      Drakkhen 1,2
      Druid [Sir-Tech]
      Druid 1,2 [Bullfrog]
      Dungeon Hack
      Dungeon Hero
      Dungeon Keeper
      Dungeon Master 1
      Dungeon Master 2
      Dungeon Master 3
      Dungeons Of Avalon 1
      Dungeons Of Avalon 2
      Dusk Of The Gods

      Elvira 1
      Elvira 2
      Escape From Hell
      Eternal Dagger
      Evil's Doom
      Eye Of Beholder 1
      Eye Of Beholder 2
      Eye Of Beholder 3

      Faery Tale 1
      Faery Tale 2
      Fallout 1
      Fallout 2
      Fate-Gates Of Dawn
      Fates Of Twinion
      Final Battle
      Final Fantasy 1-6
      Final Fantasy 7
      Final Fantasy 8
      Fountain Of Dreams

      Gateway To Savage
      Gemstone Healer
      Gemstone Warrior
      Guild Of Thieves

      Hard Nova
      Heavy On The Magic
      Heimdall 1
      Heimdall 2
      Hero Quest 1
      Hero Quest 2
      Heroes Of Lance
      Hired Guns

      Icewind Dale
      Iron Lord
      Ishar 1
      Ishar 2
      Ishar 3

      Jonny Quest

      Keef The Thief
      Keys To Maramon
      King's Bounty
      Knight Lore
      Knights Of Legend
      Knights Of Xentar

      Lands Of Lore 1
      Lands Of Lore 2
      Lands Of Lore 3
      Last Half Of Darkness
      Legacy Of Ancients
      Legend Of Red Dragon
      Legend Of Faerghail
      Legend Of Lothian
      Legend Of Valour
      Lords Of Doom
      Lords Of Midnight 1,2
      Lords Of Midnight 3
      Lords Of The Rings 1
      Lords Of The Rings 2
      Lords Of Time

      Magic Candle 1-4
      Magic Island
      Martian Dreams
      Medusa 1
      Medusa 2
      Megatraveller 1
      Megatraveller 2
      Meridian 59
      Might & Magic 1
      Might & Magic 2
      Might & Magic 3
      Might & Magic 4
      Might & Magic 5
      Might & Magic 6
      Might & Magic 7
      Might & Magic 8
      Mines Of Titan


      Order Of The Griffon

      Phantasia 1-3
      Planescape Torment
      Planet's Edge
      Pool Of Radiance
      Pools Of Darkness
      Prophecy Of Shadow


      Rage Of Mages 1
      Rage Of Mages 2
      Ravenloft 1
      Ravenloft 2
      Realm Of Trolls
      Realms Of Arkania 1
      Realms Of Arkania 2
      Realms Of Arkania 3
      Realms Of Darkness
      Realms Of Haunting
      Red Crystal
      Return To Krondor
      Ring Cycle
      Rings Of Zilfin
      Robinson's Requiem
      Rytíři Grálu

      Savage Empire
      Secret Of Silver Blade
      Shadow Gate
      Shadow Of Yserbius
      Shadow Sorceror
      Shard Of Spring
      Siege Of Avalon
      Sorcerer Lord
      Space 1889
      Space Hulk 1,2
      Spirit Of Adventure
      Spirit Of Excalibur
      Star Command
      Starflight 1,2
      Sully Chronicles
      Sword Of Twilight
      System Shock 1
      System Shock 2

      Tangled Tales
      Thief 1
      Thief 2
      Time & Magic
      Times Of Lore
      Treasures Of Savage
      Trial By Magic
      Tunnels & Trolls
      Twilight 2000

      Ultima 1-5
      Ultima 6
      Ultima 7
      Ultima 8
      Ultima 9
      Ultima OnLine
      Ultima Underworld 1
      Ultima Underworld 2
      Uncharted Waters
      Unlimited Adventures

      Ve Stínu Magie
      Vzpoura Don. Rytířů

      War In Middle Earth
      War Of Lance
      Warriors Of Legend
      Whales Voyage 1,2
      Windwalker 1,2
      Wizard Wars
      Wizardry 1-5
      Wizardry 6
      Wizardry 7
      Wizardry Nemesis
      Wizards & Warriors
      Wizards Crown 1,2
      Worlds Of Legends


      Yendorian Tales 1-3


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