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Welcome to my page about unforgetable game Fate-Gates Of Dawn. This game and everything around it is really long story. This game was released in 1991 by ReLine Software and thanks to playbility itself and the atmosphere which has written to all hearts of the fans of RPG games. Anything RPG game could be bigger, could be more fine, more colorful, but nothing can be better than that. It has been since I started to play this game but unfortunatelly I have never seen the end. Well, this game is really very hard a possibly is the only one which will play for the rest of the life. :-)

I also tried to get some hints, maps, advices a everything around the game for long time. But just about for weeks ago I got in touch with some real fans of this game, who played it successfully to the end. My thanks belongs to all of them, without this page would not even exist... I really have to thank you to these three people:
  • Pawel Matusz from Poland, who designed all maps and wrote the walkthrough instructions.
  • Uwe Brueckner from Germany, who also desinged the maps and wrote very interesting instructions, which were written in the position of the teller.
  • Tamas Moro from Hungary, who did not finish off the game, but he mapped the first island really efficiently. He also helped me out with some other things.
    Other informations were taken from the original manual - story, spells, etc.

  • Whooa! I just want to thank to Harry B. from Netherlands - he sent me ORIGINAL Amiga version of Fate in original box including disks, manuals and map!! Thank you very much Harry!

  • Hello Fate fans! A few news (don't expect some important - all is already on this page :-). First thing - complete English manual in txt format. Second thing - In notes you can find very interesting and useful informations about weapons positions and other things. And in savegame you can just to find some advanced locations... That's all for now. (Thanks to ?).

  • I searching for ANYTHING about Fate-Gates Of Dawn!! (Reviews in Deutsch or English magazines, etc.)

  • Added complete scanned Fate manual (in Germany). You can download it here, or in Download section.

  • Some tips added (about money making), working HD version of FATE (Save fixed) is now reupdated! (and unpacked).
  • I have one big request! Do you have somebody complete original manual (electronic or paper form). I don't care if it is German or English. (But English is better :-)

  • Working HD version of FATE (Save fixed) is now updated! You can download it from here, or in Download section.

  • Another description of races added, now is races complete. Thanks to Darkhawk! Its here, or in Races section.

  • Story by Uwe Brueckner is finished! This impressive tale is at the end. Thanks, Uwe! Its here, or in Walkthrough section.
  • Another armaments info added! Now is armaments list completed! Its here, or in Armaments section.

  • Further story with Winwood by Uwe Brueckner continued! Its here, or in Walkthrough section.
  • Another armaments info added! Its here, or in Armaments section.

  • Interview with Olaf Patzenhauer, author of this game !! Its here, or in Extra section.
  • Many tips and tricks added! Its here, or in Tips section.
  • A few armaments info added! Its here, or in Armaments section.
  • Story with Winwood by Uwe Brueckner continued! Its here, or in Walkthrough section.
  • Added Mernoc map and mainly Wilderness map all world of the Fate. Its here, or in Maps section.

    Enjoy it, and let me know, what you think about this page. RUNETEK 98.

  • Last update page 28.1.1999
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