• Say something about self please...
    I'm the usual mad programmer, like any other mad programmer in the universe! :-) ....maybe a bit more crazy! Also I'm a 100% Anime Otaku!
  • What is your best game any genre (on all systems)?
    I don't have "one" favorite game, but I have played i.e. "Railroad Tycoon" or "Dune 2" a lot.
  • What is your best RPG game ever (on all systems)?
    Besides "Fate" there are not very much RPGs, that I liked. Maybe Alternate Reality, Ultima 3-6 or Bards Tale. The newer RPGs are mostly shit. I loved also Knights of Xentar. As you see, I prefer old games ..... ^_^
  • What is your best movie?
    Project A-Ko.
  • How did you get yourself hooked an programming and creating the games?
    I started programming, when the first home computers were available. Don't ask me for the reasons. I just love programming.
  • What games or programs you created or cooperated in your life?
    Not very much: Fate, Dynatech, Biing! and now Biing!2
  • How you rate highest?
    Biing!2 will be the best. It's a hundred times more complex than Fate.
  • Do you have any favourite programmer and company?
  • Maybe you want say something special about you?
    I'm crazy about Anime. I'm collecting tons of stuff from Japan. I'm even learning Japanese.
  • What are you planning in the future (others than Fate2)?
    There will be an Oil Imperium 2, but it will be programmed by my partner Holger Gehrmann. For me there's still a lot to do with Biing!2, so I don't think about games after Fate2 yet.
  • How long have you been creating Fate 1?
    Much too long! About 5 years or so. But at that time programming was only my hobby, so I didn't spend all time for it.
  • What was the impuls for you to create Fate 1?
    I've played Alternate Reality and I liked the atmosphere of the game. Since the story was bad, I wanted to create a game with atmosphere AND story.
  • Do you have had any example other games in making?
  • Is there some cheat? :-)
    No, I hate cheats!!
  • What were your biggest problems with compeletition of game?
    To get enough food! I was very short of money at that time!
  • Sound effects looks very interesting made by you, how you create it?
    Oops! I have to admit, all the sound effects were stolen from the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" :-)
  • Why Fate dont come exist also on PC? (But we can play it on PC through UAE Amiga emulator)
    I've started to convert it to PC, but then our company went bankrupt. There was no way to continue with Fate.
  • Can you tell me something about the coming part? If is too early say something, at least what ideas do you have.
    It's much too early. I have a lot of good ideas in mind, but I can't write it down yet.
  • Coming part will be in Anima style. Style will be same as Final Fantasy 7, Knights Of Xentar or something completelly different?
    The graphic style will be more like KoX. I don't like 3D games like FF7. But I'm still in need of good Anime
  • Do you think that has any chance against superb coming games such Final Fantasy 8 or Ultima IX?
    FF or Ultima IX aren't real RPGs, so I guess Fate2 will have it's chance. But all depends on Biing!2 now. If B2 flops, there won't be a Fate 2.
  • Do you have any pictures?
    Not yet. All news about Fate 2 will be here.

    Thanks for the answers, Olaf. You are really great master of mage in all RPG history... :-) Runetek 11/98.

  • Fate-Gates Of Dawn going to have second part!
    Yes! All will be in delicious Japan anime style (Manga), because Olaf, author of the game is a big fan this style. Here! is approximate picture, but all can be changed. Until now Olaf started to work on the second part. Graphics will be 800x600 in True Color, so then visual parts of the game will be beautiful. Playbility and atmosphere keeps the same from the first part (great!), but many original news will be added.
    Next informations will follow !!

  • UAE version of the Fate also available for HD version!
    If you don't know it, HD version of Fate also exists. Work with any versions of UAE emulator you can reach by download the section or here.

  • Here is some interesting pictures from advanced parts of the game:
    Picture 1 | Picture 2 | Picture 3 | Picture 4 | Picture 5 | Picture 6 | Picture 7 | Picture 8 | Picture 9 | Picture 10 | Picture 11 | Picture 12

  • Fate starting song in MOD format (106kB)

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